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What happens during feeding intervention?


Intervention consists of 3 phases.  During Assessment, your team will collect information about your child's current eating habits and any behaviours that interfere with sleep. They will also gather information about what you would like your child's mealtime routines to be.  Your team will meet with you in your house, watch your child's mealtime routine, and ask you to identify factors impacting your child's feeding. 


Next, your team will design and begin an Intervention.  During this phase, your team will train you to implement routines that are designed to help your child fall develop positive mealtime behaviours.  Your team provides support throughout intervention, the frequency and nature of this support is determined based on the needs of the individual child and family.


Once your child's feeding goals have been reached, your team will provide a Maintenance phase to gradually fade our coaching presence and ensure that your child continues in healthy mealtime behaviours.  Throughout all three phases, we will ask you to collect some data about your child's behaviour.

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