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1. Do I require a referral to access services? 

A physician's referral is not required. Prior to accessing services, we require that you visit with your physician to confirm that your child's feeding issues are not caused by a medical condition. We also recommend that you inform your physician that you are accessing services to address your child's persistent feeding difficulties and that you consult with them regularly throughout intervention. 


2. Who can benefit from feeding intervention?

Any child physically capable of ingesting food by mouth, regardless of diagnosis (or in the absence of a diagnosis), can benefit from behavioural intervention for feeding difficulties.

3. How do I get started?

Contact the Sleep Clinic at 519-449-1650 or We will take some preliminary information and set a date for an intake interview.

4. Does my child need to be present at the intake interview?

No. We recommend that parents and caregivers attend without their child.

5. What ages do you serve? 

We provide evidence-based communication intervention for children ages 2 through 15.

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