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Academic goals are taught through Discrete Trial Teaching and Direct Instruction.


Independence is a goal of every educational objective.

Drawing Together

Reinforcing activities like music and play set the stage for learning communication, social, and motor skills that lay the foundation for a variety of classroom and natural environment objectives.


Instruction that overcomes attention difficulties


Instruction that overcomes learning difficulties


Instruction that overcomes attention difficulties

Instruction that prevents learning difficulties

Our methods and programs are particularly effective for students with attention difficulties because the lessons are quickly paced and the teacher is continually requiring the students' participation.

Our programs are equally beneficial for students with learning problems because the skills and concepts are learned gradually over a long period of time with plenty of opportunity to obtain mastery.

Early instruction using our effective programs and methods can PREVENT later learning problems, because basic skills, concepts and knowledge are taught in a sequential, hierarchical way to ensure mastery. Students who miss out on these crucial foundational skills struggle more and more as they are expected to advance without having mastered the preliminaries. Later remediation, while often effective, is more difficult and time consuming than simply "doing it right the first time". More importantly, self-esteem, which grows from success and suffers with early failure, is much harder to remedy.

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