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1. When is my child ready to start toilet training?

Available research has provided general guidelines to follow to determine if a child is ready for toilet training. If your child is demonstrating some of the following skills, it may be an appropriate time to start:

  • Is your child able to pull most pants up and down?

  • Is your child able to walk from room to room and sit upright for 5-10 minutes? 

  • Is your child able to follow simple instructions?

  • Is your child occasionally able to stay dry for at least two hours at a time?

  • Does your child have a regular bowel movement schedule? 

  • Does your child demonstrate discomfort with dirty diapers?

  • Does your child ever communicate need to use the toilet or that they are voiding? 


2. How long will it take?

Duration of intervention will vary widely due to differences in individual children and treatment protocols.

3. How do I get started?

Contact the Sleep Clinic at 519-449-1650 or We will take some preliminary information and set a date for an intake interview.

​4. What ages do you serve? 

We provide evidence-based intervention for children ages 2 through 10.

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