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Kid Having Fun

We help each child meet his or her full potential.

Boy Writing on a Blackboard

We provide evidence-based treatment.

Drawing Together

We employ the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

Meeting the Staff

We provide BCBA® supervision for our clients and therapists.


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Our school-based program provides intensive ABA intervention through individual and small-ratio classes. 


Group instruction occurs at the frequency and duration appropriate to each student.

Part- and full-time enrolment is available.

Comprehensive ABA intervention can address early childhood skills including adaptive skills such as toileting and feeding, language skills, social interaction skills, and early academic skills.  Programming can occur in our clinic, in your home, or involve a combination of the two.  Parent training is often a component of our ABA programs.     

Focused intervention through specialized clinics target critical adaptive skills                     

Programs based on individualized goals can be designed upon request.

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